Wadsworth International and Wadsworth African Fellowships

Award Renewals

Every year, you’ll apply to renew your grant. You’ll receive the form from Judy Kreid, which you’ll fill out and return to internationalprograms@wennergren.org. In this application, you’ll have a chance to report your progress to date.

Dissertation Write-Up Awards

When you finish your dissertation research, you’ll have a chance to apply for a year of support as you write your dissertation. In your application, you’ll report on the findings from your work. Contact Judy Kreid at internationalprograms@wennergren.org for the form.

When You Receive Your PhD

Once you have received your PhD, we’ll ask you to write a report describing your accomplishments during the period of your graduate training and your plans for the future. If any of your work has been published, please give full bibliographic details and forward copies to the Foundation by mail. Send us a picture; we’d love to publicize your achievements in our reports to the Board and Advisory Council and on our website. Only send us images that are ethically sourced. See Wenner-Gren’s Standards of Practice for Photographs and Videos.

Email your report to Judy Kreid at internationalprograms@wennergren.org. Include your name, address, and fellowship number on the first page.

Please submit these documents promptly.  If you fail to do so and can’t offer a good excuse for the delay, you will become ineligible for further support from the Foundation.