Historical Archives Program


We are happy to consider requests for assistance covering costs related to the basic preparation of unpublished, research materials for archival deposit. This includes the arrangement, description, preservation and transportation of archival materials.


To apply, you will first need to submit a preliminary inquiry providing the following information:

 A brief description the collection creator’s academic background.

Describe the scholar’s education, research interests, and professional affiliations.

The nature of the materials to be archived. 

These might include handwritten field notes, photographs and slides, computer files, recordings, teaching materials, maps, professional correspondence, teaching materials, etc.

A general description of the size and scope of the collection in question. 

We’re interested in the estimated number of photographs, the linear feet of file drawers housing files, etc.  Does the collection only include research materials, or does it reflect other aspects of the scholar’s activities as a teacher and scholar?

A broad budgetary breakdown of the activities to be undertaken, estimated shipping costs, and expense of purchasing supplies necessary to store the collection for archival deposit.

Will assistants need to be hired? At what hourly rate?  Your budget can include the costs involved in describing and organizing the collection, shipment, and storage.  We do not fund the digitization and transcription of deposited materials.

Finally, the repository where the collection is to be archived.

If you are invited to submit an official application, we strongly encourage you to collaborate with your intended repository to prepare it.  If possible, you should arrange to have most of the actual archival preparation carried out by repository staff.  Under this scenario, we would pay the bulk of your grant paid directly to the repository to defray the expense of processing the collection.