Man’s Role in Changing the Face of the Earth


Jun 16-22, 1955

Organized by

Marston Bates, Lewis Mumford, Carl O. Sauer and William L. Thomas, Jr.


Princeton, New Jersey


"Man's Role in Changng the Face of the Earth," William L. Thomas, Jr. ed, with the collaboration of Carl O. Sauer, Marston Bates, and Lewis Mumford. University of Chicago Press, 1956.


  • William A. Albrecht
  • Harry Alpert
  • Edgar Anderson
  • Eugene Ayres
  • A. Leslie Banks
  • H.H. Bartlett
  • Alan M. Bateman
  • Marston Bates
  • David I. Blumenstock
  • Kenneth Boulding
  • Harrison Brown
  • John C. Bugher
  • Albert E. Burke
  • Andrew H. Clark
  • John T. Curtis
  • H.C. Darby
  • F. Frase Darling
  • Charles Galton Darwin
  • John H. Davis
  • John W. Dodds
  • Frank E. Egler
  • E. Estyn Evans
  • Iago Galdston
  • Clarence J. Glacken
  • Artur Glikson
  • Pierre Gourou
  • Edward H. Graham
  • Michael Graham
  • Goerge W. Gray
  • Alan Gregg
  • E.A. Gutkind
  • Chauncy D. Harris
  • Emil W. Haury
  • Fritz M. Heichelheim
  • J.A. Hislop
  • Charles B. Hitchcock
  • Soliman Huzayyin
  • Edavaleth K. Janaki Ammal
  • Stephen B. Jones
  • Lester E. Klimm
  • Frank H. Knight
  • Helmut Landsberg
  • Luna B. Leopold
  • Donald H. McLaughlin
  • James C. Malin
  • Albert Mayer
  • Radhakamal Mukerjee
  • Lewis Mumford
  • Robert Cushman Murphy
  • Karl J. Narr
  • F.S.C. Northrop
  • Samuel H. Ordway, Jr.
  • Fairfield Osborn
  • Gottfried Pfieifer
  • Richard J. Russell
  • Carl O. Sauer
  • Charles A. Scarlott
  • Vincent J. Schaefer
  • Paul B. Sears
  • Roderick Seidenberg
  • J. Russell Smith
  • Alexander Spoehr
  • H. Burr Steinbach
  • Omer C. Stewart
  • Arthur N. Strahler
  • Sol Tax
  • Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
  • Harold E. Thomas
  • William L. Thomas, Jr.
  • Warren S. Thompson
  • C.W. Thornthwaite
  • John W. Tukey
  • Edward L. Ullman
  • Joseph H. Willits
  • Hermann von Wissman
  • Karl A. Wittfogel
  • Abel Wolman

“Man’s Role in Changing the Face of the Earth” was the second international symposium sponsored by the Wenner-Gren Foundation. Held in Princeton, New Jersey from June 16-22, 1955 and over three years in development, ‘Man’s Role” brought together seventy scholars from North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia — with specializations ranging across more than twenty conventially defined disciplines, from anthropology to zoology — who were selected “for their common interest and curiosity about what man has been doing to and with his habitat.”

Billed as the “first large-scale evaluation of what has happened and what is happening to the earth under man’s impress,” Man’s Role in Changing the Face of the Earth attempted to solicit viewpoints from all fields of knowledge upon “man’s capacity to transform his physical-biological environment and upon his cumulative and irreversible alterations of the earth.