Functional and Evolutionary Biology of Primates: Methods of Study and Recent Advances


Jul 18-26, 1970

Organized by

Russell H. Tuttle


Burg Wartenstein Conference Center


The Funtional and Evolutionary Biology of Primates (R. Tuttle, Ed.) Aldine-Atherton, Chicago, 1972.


  • Stuart A. Altmann Emory University, USA
  • Friderun Ankel Anatomisches Institut, Germany
  • John V. Basmajian Emory University Regional Rehabilitation Research Center, USA
  • Benjamin B. Beck Chicago Zoological Park, USA
  • Irwin S. Bernstein Yerkes Field Station, USA
  • Mathew Cartmill Duke University, USA
  • Joel E. Cohen Harvard University, USA
  • Ralph L. Holloway Columbia University, USA
  • William W. Howells Harvard University, USA
  • Owen John Lewis St. Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College, UK
  • Peter Murray University of Chicago, USA
  • Lita Osmundsen Wenner-Gren Foundation, USA
  • Charles E. Oxnard University of Chicago, USA
  • David Pilbeam Yale University, USA
  • Leonard Radinsky University of Chicago, USA
  • Donald Stone Sade Northwestern University, USA
  • Elwyn L. Simons Yale University, USA
  • Heinz Stephan Max-Planck-Institute fur Hirnforschung, Germany
  • Frederick S. Szalay Hunter College, USA
  • Phillip V. Tobias University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa
  • Russel H. Tuttle, organizer University of Chicago, USA
  • Donald R. Wilson Calvin College, USA

Wenner-Gren Symposium #48

Front Row: D.R. Wilson, E.L. Simons, P. Murray, L. Osmundsen, P.V. Tobias, W.W. Howells, O.J. Lewis, M. Cartmill, C. Oxnard, H. Stephan, D. Pilbeam Second Row: F. Szalay, A.H. Schultz, F. Ankel, B. Beck, I. Bernstein, J. Basmajian, D.S. Sade, J.E. Cohen, R. Holloway, R.H. Tuttle, L. Radinsky, S.A. Altmann