Roundtable: Between Academic Theory-Building and Social Engagement

On Wednesday, March 24th, 14:00 (UTC+0), as part of the RAI Film Festival Mina Rad CEO of World Cultural Diversity (WCD), Federal University of Pernambuco, and Professor Renato Athias, Department of Anthropology and Museology and coordinator of the Visual Anthropology Laboratory (LAV)), Federal University of Pernambuco, will participate in a roundtable debate, “Between Academic Theory-Building and Social Engagement”.

The debate, according to Professor Athias, will center on a collaborative project in which an anthropologist, a filmmaker, and a specialist in archives worked together to create a documentary about an endangered indigenous group in the Brazilian Amazon. “Particular attention was paid to ethnographic information, cosmological narratives and traditional knowledge,” he says.

The film “The Enchanted Words of the Amazon Hupd’äh – Masters of Knowledge,” narrated by Renato Athias, was released in 2020 in Paris. The film is a World Cultural Diversity Production from the Franco-Iranian director Mina Rad, in partnership with the Laboratory of Visual Anthropology (LAV) of PPGA / UFPE, using ethnographic archives, films, photographs, field notebooks, which are now digitized by the University of Texas at the Latin American Indigenous Language Archives, AILLA (Austin campus).

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