Webinar: Honoring Edmund T. Gordon: Reflections on the “Cultural Politics of Black Masculinity”

On Friday, January 22, 9–10 am CST (10–11am ET) Transforming Anthropology will be hosting a live event, Honoring Edmund T. Gordon: Reflections on the “Cultural Politics of Black Masculinity”.

Please join us for a discussion on Black masculinity, activist research, and institutional change in the academy. This event will honor one of our Black Anthropology Elders, Dr. Edmund T. Gordon. Through Dr. Gordon’s leadership at UT Austin, including fostering study committed to radical scholarship through faculty recruitment and development, and especially through graduate study and training, the Austin School has transformed the presence of Black anthropologists in the academy and anthropology as a discipline in general. Dr. Gordon’s article, “Cultural Politics of Black Masculinity,” originally published in TA in 1997, is one of the groundbreaking essays featured in the latest issue and commented on by Dr. Gayles and Dr. Perry in celebration of ABA’s fiftieth anniversary.

Featured guest: Dr. Edmund T. Gordon (University of Texas at Austin)
Panelists: Dr. Keisha-Khan Y. Perry (Brown University) and Dr. Jonathan Gayles (Georgia State University)
Moderator: Savannah Kosteniuk (TA editorial assistant)

To register for this event click here.