Theory and Method in American Indian Ethnological and Ethnohistorical Research


Aug 7-14, 1967

Organized by

Eleanor Leacock and Nancy Lurie


Burg Wartenstein Conference Center


North American Indians in Historical Perspective (E.B. Leacock and N.O. Lurie, Eds.) Random House, New York, 1971.


  • Thomas J.C. Brasser Royal Museum of Ethnography, Holland
  • Edward Dozier University of Arizona, USA
  • Christian Feest Museum of Ethnology, Vienna, Austria
  • William Fenton New York State Museum, USA
  • June Helm University of Iowa, USA
  • Harold Hickerson SUNY Buffalo, USA
  • Charles Hughes Michigan State University, USA
  • Eleanor B. Leacock Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, USA
  • Nancy O. Lurie University of Wisconsin, USA
  • D'Arcy McNickle University of Saskatchewan, Regina, Canada
  • Marvin Opler SUNY Buffalo, USA
  • William C. Sturtevant Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC, USA
  • Gene Weltfish Fairleigh Dickenson University, USA

Wenner-Gren Symposium #39