The Inter-Relation of Biological and Cultural Adaptation


Jul 21-30, 1966

Organized by

Paul Baker and Joseph Weiner


Burg Wartenstein Conference Center


  • W.T.V. Adiseshiah Loyola College, India
  • Alexander Alland, Jr. Columbia University, USA
  • Paul T. Baker Pennsylvania State University, USA
  • Thelma S. Baker Pennsylvania State University, USA
  • Clifford Bell University of London, UK
  • Tadeusz Bielicki Institute of Anthropology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
  • S. Biesheuvel Institute for the Study of Race in South Africa, Johannesburg
  • Rolf Eide University of Bergen, Norway
  • D. Carleton Gajdusek National Institute of Health, USA
  • G. Ainsworth Harrison University of Oxford, UK
  • Peter Kunstadter Princeton University; University of Washington, USA
  • William S. Laughlin University of Wisconsin, USA
  • Hanus Papousek Institute for Mother & Child Care, Czech Republic
  • Jean L. Pelosse C.N.R.S., France
  • Pertti J. Pelto University of Minnesota, USA
  • K.A. Provins The University of Adelaide, South Australia
  • Warren H. Teichner Tufts University, USA
  • Joseph S. Weiner London University, UK
  • Julia Weiner London University, UK