Cultural Frames and Reflections: Ritual, Drama and Spectacle


Aug 27 - Sep 5, 1977

Organized by

Barbara A. Babcock, Barbara Myerhoff and Victor W. Turner


Burg Wartenstein Conference Center


Rite Drama, Festival, Spectacle: Rehearsals Toward a Theory of Cultural Performance (John J. MacAloon, Ed.) Institute for the Study of Human Issues, Philadelphia, 1984.


  • Barbara A. Babcock School of American Research, USA
  • Paul Bouissac University of Toronto, Canada
  • Roberto Da Matta Museu Nacional, Brazil
  • Natalie Zemon Davis University of California, Berkeley, USA
  • Bruce Kapferer University of Adelaide, Australia
  • Hilda Kuper University of California, Los Angeles, USA
  • John MacAloon University of Chicago, USA
  • Sophia Morgan University of Colorado, USA
  • Barbara Myerhoff University of Southern California, USA
  • Alfonso Ortiz Center for Advanced Study, Stanford, USA
  • John Osmundsen New York, USA
  • Lita Osmundsen Wenner-Gren Foundation, USA
  • Mihai Pop University of Bucharest, Romania
  • Jerome Rothenberg Encinitas, California, USA
  • Richard Schechner New York University, USA
  • Beverly Stoeltje University of Texas, USA
  • Victor W. Turner University of Virginia, USA
  • Frank Wadsworth State University of New York, Purchase, USA

Wenner-Gren Symposium #76

Front Row: A. Ortiz, B. Stoeltje, N.Z. Davis, J. Rothenberg, B. Babcock, V. Turner, B. Myerhoff, J. MacAloon, S. Morgan, F. Wadsworth Back Row: J. Osmundsen, M. Pop, P. Bouissac, H. Kuper, R. DaMatta, L. Osmundsen, B. Kapferer Missing from Photo: R. Schechner