Behavioral Consequences of Genetic Differences in Man


Aug 16-24, 1964

Organized by

J.N. Spuhler


Burg Wartenstein Conference Center


Genetic Diversity and Human Behavior (J.N. Spuhler, Ed.) Viking Fund Publications in Anthropology, No. 45 (Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research) Aldine, Chicago, 1967.


  • Ernst W. Caspari University of Rochester, USA
  • L.L. Cavalli-Sforza Instituto de Genetica, Colombia; University of Pavia, Italy
  • Irven DeVore Harvard University, USA
  • Theodosius Dobzhansky Rockefeller Foundation, NYC, USA
  • Louis Guttman Hebrew University & the Israel Institute, Israel
  • David A. Hamburg Stanford University, USA
  • Jerry Hirsch University of Illinois, USA
  • H. Kalmus University College of London, UK
  • Friedrich Keiter University of Wurzburg, Germany
  • G. Kurth University of Gottingen, Germany
  • Gerald E. McClearn University of California, Berkeley, USA
  • Hanus Papousek Institute for the care of Mother & Child, Czech Republic
  • J.N. Spuhler University of Michigan, USA
  • J.M. Thoday University of Cambridge, UK
  • Steven G. Vandenberg University of Louisville Medical School, USA

Wenner-Gren Symposium #27