Anthropological Priorities in the Next Decade and the Role of the AAA


Feb 3-7, 1993

Organized by

James Peacock and Annette Weiner


Tarrytown House, Tarrytown, New York


  • Marietta Baba Wayne State University, USA
  • John Cornman American Anthropological Association, USA
  • Richard Ford University of Michigan, USA
  • Jennie Joe University of Florida, USA
  • Ivan Karp Smithsonian Institution, USA
  • Shirley Lindenbaum CUNY Graduate Center, USA
  • George Marcus Rice University, USA
  • Paul Nkwi Pan African Association of Anthropologists, Yaounde University, Cameroon
  • James Peacock University of North Carolina & AAA, USA
  • Susan Carol Rogers New York University, USA
  • Bambi Schieffelin New York University, USA
  • Sydel Silverman Wenner-Gren Foundation, USA
  • Pamel Smith Pace University,USA
  • Carlos Velez-Ibanez University of Arizona, USA
  • Patty Jo Watson Washington University, USA
  • Annette Weiner New York University and AAA, USA
  • Kenneth Weiss Pennsylvania State University, USA
  • Tony Whitehead University of Maryland, USA

ORGANIZER’S STATEMENT: At the request of the leadership of the American Anthropological Association, the Foundation convened fifteen scholars from across the discipline to explore critical questions confronting anthropology and options for responding to them. Among the issues discussed were how the four-field approach can be maintained in the face of diverse pressures, how anthropology’s appeal to other disciplines can be broadened, and how greater public recognition of anthropological research relevant to critical societal issues can be achieved. Participants agreed that recommendations stemming from the conference would be drawn up and presented to the AAA long-range planning group and Executive Committee. Reports on the proceedings and recommendations are to be published in the Anthropology Newsletter and disseminated to leaders of other disciplines and major funding agencies.

Wenner-Gren Sponsored Conference #93-1

Patty Jo Watson, Paul Nkwi, Shirley Lindenbaum, Laurie Obbink, Annette Weiner, and Jennie Joe