Tessa Moll

Grant Type

Conference Grant

Institutional Affiliation

Witwatersrand, U. of the

Grant number

Gr. CONF-933

Approve Date

September 3, 2023

Project Title

Moll, Tessa (Witwatersrand, U. of the) "Re-worlding, Reproduction: Emerging politics, knowledge and justice"

Our 2024 conference, Re-worlding Reproduction: Emerging politics, knowledge and practices of justice, will connect the practices and politics of reproduction to global discussions around decolonization. This will be the first reproductive studies conference based in the Global South. Reproduction lies at the center of anthropological social theory on kinship, gender, nature-culture, and technologies. The conference will unsettle current ways of thinking on topics ranging from maternal health, environmental fertilities to reproductive futures through a dialogue between anthropologists from the Global North and South. Our theme concerns questions of knowledge and knowledge-making within reproductive studies. It will disrupt the centrality of US and Eurocentric theorizing on reproduction. Outcomes include a network of Early Career Researchers on reproduction, a capacity-building mentoring scheme for scholars from the Global South, and a cross disciplinary dialogue between artists, activists, and scholars.