Tábita Hünemeier

Grant Type

Conference Grant

Institutional Affiliation

Sao Paulo, U. of

Grant number

Gr. CONF-835

Approve Date

February 14, 2020

Project Title

Hunemeier, Tábita (Sao Paulo, U. of) ALAB 2020 - XVI Congreso de la Asociacion Latinoamericana de Antropologia Biologica (16th Congress of The Latin American Association for Biological Anthropology)

Since 1990, the Latin American Association for Biological Anthropology (ALAB) meets every two years in different cities across Latin America. The ALAB 2020 will be its 16th meeting, and the second to take place in Brazil. As expressed in its by-laws, ALAB will organize meetings to contribute to the development of Latin American researchers and professors for the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge in the field of Biological Anthropology. Meetings serve as hubs for networking among Latin American researchers, their students, and world-renown investigators undertaking anthropological research on issues related to Latin America. Collaborations for research and dissemination initiatives are developed. In the 16th meeting, we expected to join approximately 450 participants from across Latin America and the Caribbean, plus invited speakers from the United States, Europe and elsewhere.