Silvia Tomásková

Grant Type

Workshop Grant

Institutional Affiliation

University of British Columbia

Grant number

Gr. CONF-806

Approve Date

April 4, 2019

Project Title

Tomaskova , Silvia (UNC Chapel Hill) "Animating Gender: Dialogues in Archaeology"

Gender archaeology has lost its critical edge. Since the inception of gender archaeology it has repeatedly been noted that the keenest insights of feminist scholarship have not been taken up within the discipline in a sustained way. Archaeological theory now has shifted to questions of ontology and the agency of things and matter. The proposed workshop will reinvigorate theoretical approaches to gender in archaeology through a dialogue with recent theoretical developments in the discipline, specifically interests in new materialism and the agency of materials, ontology, postcolonial approaches to knowledge formation, and attention to the body as a historical object. The aim is a multidisciplinary, geographically diverse conversation that will provide a coherent platform and program for future research, reanimate gender archaeology, and bring into view the ongoing importance of feminist insights to theoretical developments in archaeology.