Sertac Sen

Grant Type

Dissertation Fieldwork Grant

Institutional Affiliation

Brown U.

Grant number

Gr. 9664

Approve Date

April 18, 2018

Project Title

Sen, Sertac Kaya, Brown U., Providence, RI - To aid research on 'Fostering Vitality through War-Making: Militarized Development in Turkey,' supervised by Dr. Matthew Gutmann

Preliminary abstract: After the July 15, 2016 failed coup attempt in Turkey, the government launched a new plan which paired the goals of national security and development. The plan aimed at fostering socio-economic development through intensified military presence in targeted locales. With the new plan, major military units in the two largest Turkish cities were transferred to places designated as ‘less developed.’ Based on 12 months of fieldwork in Corlu, one of the few cities to which the troops were redeployed, this project focuses on militarized development in Turkey. Rather than military-led development projects in the narrow sense, militarized development broadly refers to a vision of positive social change that is intricately tied to the processes of constant war-readiness and war-making. Tracing the articulation between these two major forces of social change, ostensibly benevolent development and violent war-making, this research investigates the social production and consequences of militarized development. It examines the roles that the military and civilians play in the formation of this vision that conflates development with security and war-making; and the effects of militarized development along the interrelated categories of gender, class, and ethnicity. Because the Turkish military has long been involved in development affairs, this study uses participant observation, semi-structured interviews, and archival research to analyze militarized development from historical and contemporary dimensions. Drawing on literatures on development and militarism, it explores the linking of development, security, and war-making; all major forces driving social change throughout the contemporary world.