Philip John Piper

Grant Type

Conference Grant

Institutional Affiliation

Australian National U.

Grant number

Gr. CONF-894

Approve Date

March 23, 2022

Project Title

Piper, Philip (Australian National U.) "Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association (IPPA) Congress 2022"

The aim of the 22nd Indo-Pacific Prehistory Association (IPPA) Congress to be held between 6th ‘ 12th November 2022 is to bring together local Indo-Pacific (extending from India in the west to the Pacific Islands in the east) and other, mainly ‘Western’, scholars to present papers and hold discussions on diverse themes within the framework of Indo-Pacific archaeology. As per IPPA’s normal format, a number of panel convenors will organise sessions around topical themes in archaeological research, cultural heritage, comparative linguistics, cultural and biological anthropology, ethics in archaeology and heritage, and genetics.

IPPA Congresses are held approximately every four years and are always organised with, and hosted by in-country institutions, most recently in Hue, Vietnam by the Institute of Archaeology (Hanoi) and Hue Monuments Conservation Centre. The 22nd Congress is co-organised with Silpakorn University, Fine Arts Department, Sirindhorn Anthropological Centre, SEAMEO SPAFA, Social Research Institute Chiang Mai University and Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Agency (GISTDA).

This Wenner-Gren application enables academics and students from across the Indo-Pacific region to present a diverse range of current research at IPPA 2022. The organisers encourage indigenous scholars to publish their research findings with the assistance of editors and referees appointed from the IPPA membership.