Nicolette Milota Makovicky

Grant Type

Global Initiatives

Institutional Affiliation

Oxford, U. of

Grant number

Gr. GIG-18

Approve Date

August 31, 2022

Project Title

Makovicky, Nicolette (Oxford, U. of) "Tax, Society, and People: Using Anthropology in Tax Education"

Taxpayer education has increasingly been on the agenda of governments and policymakers across the globe over the past decade. The project will bring together members of the Anthropology of Tax network ( with stakeholders from civic organizations, NGOs, and educational charities (see below) to develop educational material for young people about the societal and cultural implications of taxes. The goals are to encourage a broader debate on the role of tax in society drawing on anthropological research on tax from around the world, to strengthen the position of anthropologists of tax vis-‘-vis fiscal administrations through collaboration with social actors (taxpayer associations, educational charities), and to amplify the voice of anthropologists in society by introducing anthropological concepts into citizenship education.