Nicole Mathwich

Grant Type

Dissertation Fieldwork Grant

Institutional Affiliation

Arizona, U. of

Grant number

Gr. 9422

Approve Date

April 18, 2017

Project Title

Mathwich, Nicole M., U. of Arizona, Tucson, AZ - To aid resesarch on 'Livestock in the Pimería Alta: Negotiations of Ecological Colonialism,' supervised by Dr. Mary Stiner

Preliminary abstract: With the rise in indigenous political movements and interest in the resilience of traditional cultures, new narratives have emerged of the Columbian Exchange and Spanish colonialism as a contested social and biological transformation. Although scholars have long recognized the importance of the colonial period in the Americas, a time of epidemic disease, cultural contact and conflict that reconfigured socio-economic relationships, there has been little work investigating the mechanisms of how native peoples negotiated the introduction of European domesticates within their local environments. Research concerning group interactions and negotiation of colonialism has tended toward social analyses of architecture and ceramics, however European domesticates were economically important to the colonial project and had the ability to transform local ecology. My PhD research analyzes how indigenous peoples negotiated the local intrusion of livestock into their own preexisting practices of agriculture, hunting, and gathering. This project examines the negotiation of colonial ideology through the material analysis of livestock to southwestern North America between A.D. 1691 and A.D. 1850. My research will document range and herd management strategies at two different types of colonial sites through stable light isotopes from archaeological samples.