Natasha Erika Fijn

Grant Type

Fejos Postdoctoral Fellowship

Institutional Affiliation

Independent Scholar

Grant number

Gr. 9387

Approve Date

October 18, 2016

Project Title

Fijn, Dr. Natasha Erika, Independent Scholar, Braidwood, Australia - To aid filmmaking on 'Multispecies Medicine in Mongolia' - Fejos Postdoctoral Fellowship

Preliminary abstract: ‘Multispecies Medicine in Mongolia’ is a filmic inquiry into the medicinal practices Mongolian herders use to treat their families and the herd animals they live amongst. This multispecies-based analysis will add to a greater understanding of pastoral knowledge practices, more-than-human sociality and perceptions towards other beings. Herding families in the Khangai Mountains live in harsh environmental conditions and are crucially reliant on herd animals as a means of survival. The circumstances surrounding illness involves dealing with the vulnerabilities of life and death amongst family members, including herd animals, on a daily basis. Focusing on the treatment of animals when they are ill is a good means of drawing out ritual practices and attitudes toward Significant Others: a fascinating window into Mongolian herder cosmology and worldview toward other beings. The video-based findings inform the interdiscliplinary fields of human-animal studies and the environmental humanities, engaging with the current literature on different ontologies within anthropology, while contributing to academic discussions surrounding zoonoses, multispecies ethnography, nature-cultures and processes of domestication.