Miriam Pillar Grossi

Grant Type

Conference Grant

Institutional Affiliation

Federal U. of Santa Catarina

Grant number

Gr. CONF-760

Approve Date

August 22, 2017

Project Title

Gossi, Dr. Miriam, U. of Santa Catarina, Santa Catarina, Brazil - To aid ' 18th World Congress of IUAES: World (of) Encounters,' 2018, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Preliminary abstract:

World (of) Encounters: The past, present and future of anthropological knowledge

Anthropology is always remaking itself. Whilst keeping old and new relationships with several other disciplines, it has proven to be able to fill unique scholarly niches that have granted the discipline a distinct and recognizable profile. This proposal is a large umbrella to discuss the many old and new encounters anthropology is made of as well as to prospect for what anthropology might be in the future. It is ample enough to accommodate different research, methodological and theoretical interests of cultural and social anthropologists, of physical anthropologists, archaeologists and linguists. Research is made of encounters and findings. What/which are the encounters that inform anthropologists’ findings? In a changing globalized world how has anthropological knowledge persisted and how will it tackle the political and epistemological challenges of our times?

From this theme, key notes, panels, symposia, workshops, exhibitions, ethnographic videos, short courses, workshops and other activities of interest to IUAES will be organized, with ample participation from the world anthropological community.