Maya Janeen Berry

Grant Type

Workshop Grant

Institutional Affiliation

North Carolina, Chapel Hill, U. of

Grant number

Gr. CONF-800

Approve Date

April 4, 2019

Project Title

Berry, Maya (North Carolina, Chapel Hill, U. of) "Workshop on Gender Violence and the Politics of Fieldwork"

This workshop brings ethnographic research on gender violence into conversation with anthropological debates about the politics of fieldwork, embodiment, and decolonization. While there is a rich literature that examines (auto)ethnographic and theoretical discussions of gender and violence, this workshop considers the importance of embodiment in relation to the decolonial politics of fieldwork. The primary goal of the workshop is to convene a group of junior, mid-career, and senior scholars who have been working in diverse ethnographic sites’such as Latin America, the U.S., the Middle East, and other regions’to incorporate theoretical insights of critical race and feminist studies into recent anthropological work on gender violence. This two-day workshop will include anthropologists based in the U.S. as well as Mexico, Guatemala, and Great Britain, during which participants will comment on papers that have been exchanged prior to the workshop. The goal is to produce a special journal issue and edited volume on this topic.