María Jacinta Xón Riquiac

Grant Type

Engaged Research Grant

Institutional Affiliation

University of Carlos III, Madrid

Grant number

Gr. ERG-41

Approve Date

February 2, 2023

Project Title

Xón Riquiac, María Jacinta (Universidad Carlos, Madrid) "Creole and native seeds in Guatemala. Ontologies, disputes and Human Rights"

Nowadays, Guatemala recognizes the rights of indigenous peoples in exclusion-excluding logics (Agambem, 1998). The Maya exist only as exotic and monetizable elements for tourism. When indigenous peoples defend their human and specific rights to protect their territories from monocultures, open-pit mining, etc., when they oppose patents on native seeds and genetically modified organisms, they become enemies of the State. Hence, in recent years the number of indigenous people criminalized by the State has increased. The aim is to learn in depth “from within” (I am Mayan K’iche’) the ontologies of creole and native seeds in order to understand them “from outside” (Tuhiwai, 1999), based on a multidisciplinary analysis from anthropology, human rights and the specific rights of indigenous peoples. This understanding of the Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples will be the basis for their struggle in the midst of the “dispute” with Commercial Law. It seeks a foundation “between worlds”, “between languages” for the struggle of indigenous peoples in challenging the Technical Regulations for the export of Living Modified organisms, approved in 2018 that endangers biodiversity and food sovereignty in Guatemala.