Maria Auxiliadora Leon Molina

Grant Type

Post PhD Research Grant

Institutional Affiliation

Escuela Sup. Politecnica de Litoral

Grant number

Gr. 10473

Approve Date

April 6, 2023

Project Title

Leon Molina, Maria (Escuela Sup. Politecnica de Litoral) "A cartographic path after acts of feminicide: mothers seeking justice for their daughters"

The study seeks to know how mothers of the victims of femicide develop a path that allows them to obtain justice after the death of their daughters. In this search they create a route where they generate support networks, but also gain adversaries from official institutions that feel pressured to solve a crime about a public problem that is not a priority in Ecuador. Just as in the country the issue is not properly addressed, it is known that gender and all its implications are under debate, but the view is fragmented and does not include people who suffer the maximum expression of violence. Recent research has pointed to the need for an integrative look where each field does not struggle to be the master of reason in addressing gender violence and that is something that anthropology can provide. One way to do this is by mapping not only the spaces, but also the networks, symbols and meanings that the mothers of the victims contribute when demanding reparation and justice. A map that accompanies and evidences their steps will generate an anthropological cartography that is not reduced to representations of the territory, but connects the subject with its environment.