Maíra Cavalcanti Vale

Grant Type

Engaged Research Grant

Institutional Affiliation

Campinas, State U. of

Grant number

Gr. ERG-25

Approve Date

February 3, 2022

Project Title

Vale, Maíra (Campinas, State U. of) "Cachoeiras - Women Writing Recôncavo Baiano"

Cachoeiras’ is a collaborative writing project that broadens the scope of Deisiane Barbosa’s ‘poetic uprisings’ (2020). In partnership with Andarilha Edi”es and the Cultural and Social Center Santa B’rbara, and in dialogue with several women from the cities of Cachoeira, S’o F’lix, Concei”o da Feira and Muritiba, our aim is to produce a series of books where memories are reinvented and various ways of narrating the Rec’ncavo are expressed. Through this collection, we want to tell stories of resistance by women in a region marked by years of slavery and the economy of sugarcane mills. The problem this project aims to answer is how to build an alternative narrative of a territory that is home to a mostly black population, based on ancestral knowledge that spiritually and epistemologically resists the various types of violence imposed by colonization and that highlights its current consequences. As a result, we expect these authors to become a reference for other black women beyond the Rec’ncavo Baiano, inspiring them to also affirm their voices through art and culture.