Lucas da Costa Maciel

Grant Type

Conference Grant

Institutional Affiliation

Sao Paulo, U. of

Grant number

Gr. WEB-006

Approve Date

October 15, 2020

Project Title

Maciel, Lucas (Sao Paulo, U. of) Cross-fertilizations: conceiving body-thought among Amerindian philosophies and transfeminist epistemologies

This webinar is a public instantiation of a conversation already initiated by its proponents, Bru Alana Pereira de Araujo, Diego Madi Dias and Lucas da Costa Maciel. In particular, the event aims to focus on the future of anthropological reflections with regard to the academic production of Amerindian ethnology. The effort will be to explore the still quite unprecedented approach between two conceptual universes: Amerindian philosophies and transfeminist epistemologies. Acknowledging their differences, we consider that these two fields share a fruitful capacity for engagement with imaginative practices that allow us to glimpse other common futures so that the interface between them enhances their creative horizon.

Thus the objective of the webinar is to explore a “contact zone” between Amerindian and transfeminist thought, bringing together modes of perception and knowledge that dissent from the Cartesian rationalism characteristic of modernity. This seminar proposes to broaden the conversation around the possible connections between these two conceptual universes, aiming to create a community of researchers who maintain a shared dialogue and research agenda based on the possibilities of cross-fertilization between them.