Lisabete Coradini

Grant Type

Conference Grant

Institutional Affiliation

Rio Grande do Norte, U. Federal

Grant number

Gr. CONF-954

Approve Date

March 28, 2024

Project Title

Coradini, Lisabete (Rio Grande do Norte, U. Federal) "Pierre Verger Award (PVA) Conference"

The contemporary world operates through media, mediated languages, as images and sounds combine with texts not only as a means of expressing worlds, but also as contributions to their making. We currently find ourselves amid an onslaught of crises and conflicts on various fronts, which threaten democracies, knowledge, the fraternity between peoples, and cultural diversity. It is imperative to reflect upon these threats, particularly in their visual and audible dimensions, as sounds and images can become forms of resistance to dilemmas, bringing different meanings to life and social action in local and transnational contexts. In that sense, anthropologists engaged in various contexts of social agency and thematic fronts must be brought together in an enabling environment for high-level discussions. This connection is essential to promoting social justice and to advance governmental commitments to social policies. To encourage both practical and conceptual dialogues within the realm of images, sounds and gestures, the Pierre Verger Award (PVA) is committed to the thinking and action aimed at creating and reshaping our worlds. By facilitating discussions and debates surrounding audiovisual, photographic, and drawn anthropological workings, the PVA aims to build a public anthropology. This approach emphasizes the advancement of collaborative knowledge towards social justice.