Kimberly Jenkins Marshall

Grant Type

Post PhD Research Grant

Institutional Affiliation

Oklahoma, U of

Grant number

Gr. 9792

Approve Date

April 27, 2019

Project Title

Marshall, Kimberly (Oklahoma, U of) "Remembering the Boise Valley People: Representational Sovereignty and Erasure in the City of Trees"

Sovereignty is a central concern for scholars working in indigenous contexts globally, and has been extended beyond the political realm in recent years, to literature and the arts. And yet, while scholars of political/economic sovereignty have begun to understand it as interdependent processes of entanglements and partnerships, I extend this insight to the realm of cultural sovereignty. In my research, I study the representational assertions of sovereignty in the settler-colonial context of Boise, Idaho. Due to the forced removal of indigenous inhabitants in 1869, Boise is a space characterized by remarkable silence about its Native past. Furthermore, contemporary assertions of voice by descendent communities, such as the annual Return of the Boise Valley People gathering, are challenging this erasure. Using long-term participant observation and representational analysis, this study will document the complex processes of interdependent sovereignty as they play out in the representational registers of Boise’s contemporary expressive culture: contemporary folklore, visual arts, public artwork, musical culture, festivals, museum exhibits, and dance. This research will contribute to broader discussions about the way in which processes of forgetting and remembering are negotiated through the interaction between indigenous communities and settler states, with implications for culture and arts planning.