John Samuel Elmer McManus

Grant Type

Post PhD Research Grant

Institutional Affiliation

British Institute at Ankara

Grant number

Gr. 9793

Approve Date

April 27, 2019

Project Title

McManus, John (British Institute at Ankara) "The emirate of men: masculinities and the forging of Qatar's World Cup"

My project offers a critical examination of the relationship between gender and class inequality by analysing the workers involved in Qatar’s preparations to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The emirate is the world’s richest nation per capita, yet because it lacks the facilities to host the World Cup, Qatar has imported hundreds of thousands of people to help with infrastructure, branding and sports development. Currently 88% of Qatar’s population are migrants and three out of four people in the country of 2.6 million are male. Yet we know little about the internal dynamics among and between this type of male-dominated, ethnically-diverse and class-stratified workforce. Through interviews and fieldwork, my project will gather detail about the experiences of different types of migrant workers and their Qatari employers. shedding light on the construction of masculinities in cosmopolitan settings driven by neoliberal capitalism. An ethnography of ‘precarious homosociality’, my ultimate aim is to rethink how we come to explore the personal, variegated ways in which men – as men – understand and challenge their place in the racialised, socially-stratified and increasingly precarious global labour market.