Irma Pearl McClaurin

Grant Type

Global Initiatives

Institutional Affiliation

Independent Scholar

Grant number

Gr. GIG-10

Approve Date

June 10, 2021

Project Title

McClaurin, Irma (Independent Scholar) "The Black Feminist Archive Pandemic Preservation Project of Black Women Practicing Anthropologists"

In this vulnerable pandemic time, the project will identify, collect, and preserve the work of as many Black women practicing anthropologists as possible?possible including some Indigenous practicing women anthropologist, to interview them about their work outside the academy, contributions to their communities and the field of anthropology, and provide guidance for them to curate the life?s work as anthropologists, for preservation in the Black Feminist Archive at University of Massachusetts Amherst, or an archive?in closer proximity?of their choosing. The guidance would include a mini-grant to help with organizing and shipping, as well as an opportunity for them to have their say about ?Why Anthropology?? and why they work outside academia, in a videotaped/zoom-taped interview that will be deposited in the Black Feminist Archive, uploaded to YouTube for public access, and featured in Twitter posts. A final product will be a curated virtual, and possibly live exhibition to showcase the materials collected.