Helena Wulff

Grant Type

Conference Grant

Institutional Affiliation

Stockholm U.

Grant number

Gr. CONF-787

Approve Date

March 22, 2018

Project Title

Wulff, Dr. Helena, Stockholm U., Stockholm, Sweden - To aid conference on '15th Biennial European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA),' 2018, Stockholm, Sweden, in collaboration with Dr. Lotta Bjorklund Larsen

SCIENTIFIC AIM: Recent times, for much of humanity not least in Europe, have been marked by dramatic mobility. It has taken many forms: refugee streams and labor migration, but also pilgrimage, tourism, and transnational leisure migration of retirees. Mobility has long been a topic in anthropological research. In view of the range and importance of its current forms, mobility is a suitable main theme of the 2018 conference of EASA. The conference will not only focus narrowly on forms of spatial movement, but willl reflect the variety of its backgrounds, contexts, and longer-term implications ranging from communities left behind, infrastructures of mobility, and the meaning of home, to mobility and social media, and the public uses of anthropology.

NETWORKING AIM: The conference brings together scholars and students from across Europe and beyond creating new formal and informal relationships and collaborations. The Department of Social Anthropology at Stockholm University has a longstanding extensive engagement with EASA. The Department is prominent internationally not least through its teaching, research and publications on globalization and migration. The 15th EASA conference will be an excellent opportunity to further develop this international network, and encourage scholars, especially young ones, to broaden the scope of their networks.