Gwyneth U J Talley

Grant Type

Engaged Research Grant

Institutional Affiliation

American U. in Cairo

Grant number

Gr. ERG-22

Approve Date

February 4, 2022

Project Title

Talley, Gwyneth (American U. in Cairo) "Growing into a community: Yazidi farming and gardening in Nebraska"

Lincoln, Nebraska seems like an unlikely place to find the largest community of Yazidis in the United States but being an agriculture-based state, made it a natural fit. The Yazidi community is relatively new, but has become the largest in the United States totalling 3,000 people. In the community?s short history, they have established Yazda, a non-profit organization, a community center-the Yazidi Cultural Center, and helped newcomers adjust to the American way of life. One of the most impactful program came from a partnership between the Yazidi Cultural Center and Community Crops? a non profit gardening focused organization. This project seeks asks: What are the obstacles the Yazidi farmers face in their effort to gain sustainable independence from Community Crops? How do the Yazidi farmers use these programs to strengthen community ties and integrate into their new home? What are the larger barriers Yazidis face in integrating with their Nebraska community? Through this research, we will determine what practices are sustainable, what aspects of programs need to change in order to promote independence, and finally, the impacts of these programs and foods on the wider communities.