Flavia Medeiros Santos

Grant Type

Engaged Research Grant

Institutional Affiliation

Federal U. of Santa Catarina

Grant number

Gr. ERG-52

Approve Date

February 5, 2024

Project Title

Santos, Flavia (Federal U. of Santa Catarina) "Drug policy, autonomy and care: contributions of anti-prohibitionist feminism from an anthropological perspective"

The objective of this research is to produce anthropological reflections on the relationship between women, LGBTQIAP+ people, and drug policy in the city of Florian√≥polis, Brazil. From the perspective of anti-prohibitionist feminism, we will understand the flows and meanings articulated by people who have their lives directly crossed by the repressive, punitive, and violent control linked to the “war on drugs.” Understanding such experiences struck by singular and collective processes, we are interested in knowing the strategies and knowledge used in these processes and the real possibilities of building alternatives to prohibitionism because of Brazil’s political agenda on drugs. We will articulate the academic research methodology typical of anthropology, in particular ethnography, with the methods of the National Network of Anti-Prohibition Feminists (RENFA), which takes care, autonomy and the strengthening of bonds as collective tools for political action and transformation of society in contexts of vulnerability. We hope to develop research that is engaged and directly articulated with the concerns of people who work on the drug policy agenda, producing scientific knowledge that is attentive and involved in social transformations in favor of a more just and supportive society, less unequal and violent.