Felix Stein

Grant Type

Global Initiatives

Institutional Affiliation

Oslo, U. of

Grant number

Gr. GIG-25

Approve Date

June 13, 2023

Project Title

Stein, Felix (Oslo, U. of) "The Open Encyclopedia of Anthropology (OEA)"

We are asking for seed funding to launch the Open Encyclopedia of Anthropology (OEA www.anthroencyclopedia.com). The OEA is an online open-access encyclopedia for anyone interested in the study of socio-cultural life. It explains anthropology’s contribution to various topics of public interest, such as “Intellectual Disability”, “Buddhism”, “Farming” or “Money”. Entries are aimed at undergraduate readers from across the social sciences and humanities, as well as teachers, journalists, and corporate researchers. The OEA innovates on existing encyclopedias in four main ways. Firstly, it is highly reliable, as all entries are peer reviewed by three anonymous experts and by editors with a PhD in anthropology. Secondly, the OEA is accessible, as our entries are free to read, avoid jargon, focus clearly on the topics in question, and remain balanced in tone. Third, the OEA is inclusive, as our editors come from around the world, while any scholar can suggest and write for us free of charge. Finally, the OEA contributes to the growing movement of open-access publishing as its publisher Open Knowledge Press shares financial and organizational information with other open-access initiatives.