Edward Liebow

Grant Type

Global Initiatives

Institutional Affiliation

American Anthropological Association

Grant number

Gr. GIG-2

Approve Date

June 8, 2020

Project Title

Liebow, Dr. Edward, American Anthropologist Association, Washington D.C., – To build capacity in anthropology through the “AAA COVID-19 Emergency Grant Fund”

Emergency Fund for financially vulnerable anthropologists – The COVID-19 public health emergency and the accompanying economic crisis will persist for some time, creating severe hardship for some of our most vulnerable members as courses are cancelled, assistantships evaporate, and professional services contracts are cut or put on hold indefinitely. AAA has created an emergency grant fund to assist members whose employment is contingent or precarious. 20% of AAA’s membership resides outside the US. From this fund we will make one-time $500 emergency grants that can be used to cover unexpected expenses related to the pandemic and its professional or personal consequences. AAA has received pledges for $55k to date from Association and section reserves and from individual donors. We are asking for $10k from the Foundation