Dipuo Winnie Kgotleng

Grant Type

Global Initiatives

Institutional Affiliation

Johannesburg, U. of

Grant number

Gr. GIG-8

Approve Date

June 10, 2021

Project Title

Kgotleng, Dipuo (Johannesburg, U. of) "SOUTHERN AFRICAN FIELD ARCHAEOLOGY"

Southern African Field Archaeology in its new format is the first non-profit open-access, online journal to serve the sub-Saharan community in terms of communicating and accessing data, research and opinions generated in all areas broadly related archaeological and cultural heritage. Thus far, African voices are largely silent in the open-access publication arena, and many African scholars, students and practitioners are unable to access publications on the continent?s heritage because of cost structures dictated by the global north. The revival of FIELD aims to change this dynamic by providing free open-access publication to Africa-based authors allowing them to fully participate in knowledge production concerning all aspects of the continent?s heritage. We accommodate a broad range of contributions in the form of: ? Peer-reviewed research reports. ? Concise peer-reviewed comparative studies, syntheses or overviews. ? Peer-reviewed critiques or discussion pieces around papers previously published in FIELD. ? Non-peer-reviewed short notes. ? Non-peer-reviewed editorials and opinion pieces. Following in the tradition of the original hard-copy journal, we encourage authors to supply an abstract in an African language of their choice in addition to the English abstract.