Craig Campbell

Grant Type

Conference Grant

Institutional Affiliation

Texas, Austin, U. of

Grant number

Gr. CONF-758

Approve Date

August 22, 2017

Project Title

Campbell, Dr. Craig, U. of Texas, Austin, TX - To aid workshop on 'Theorizing the Photo-Essay in Cultural Anthropology,' 2018, U. of Texas

Preliminary abstract: This is an intimate workshop organized around the Writing with Light (WWL) editorial and curatorial collective. The collective was organized as a joint-collaboration between the journals Visual Anthropology Review and Cultural Anthropology. The goal of the workshop is to produce a book that presents an in-depth exploration of the photo-essay in cultural anthropology. The core participants in the workshop are the members of the Writing With Light collective (Campbell, Choi, Lee, Shankar, Westmoreland). We have allocated a full five days of workshop with ample individual and group writing time that will allow participants to advance their thinking…. The primary participants have never had the opportunity to meet as a group in person. In addition to the core workshop participants we have invited a number of participants who specialize in the theory, history, or production of ethnographic photography: Liz Hingley, Christian Vium, Martin Saxer, and Alejandro Flores. They will be invited to contribute chapters to the publication. In addition to the workshop participants we have asked a number of critical commentators to participate during portions of the workshop. These include: Steve Hoelscher and Donna DeCesare