Constanza Pilar de la Fuente

Grant Type

Workshop Grant

Institutional Affiliation

Chile, U. of

Grant number

Gr. CONF-960

Approve Date

March 28, 2024

Project Title

de la Fuente, Constanza (Chile, U. of) "Practical and conceptual tools for an interdisciplinary approach to population history in Latin American Biological Anthropology"

The study of human history and evolution is an inherently multidisciplinary task, requiring communication between different specialists and the integration of multiple sources of evidence. However, the way this information is currently integrated and the balance between different disciplines has become a challenge that, despite recent efforts, has not been successfully achieved. Indeed, paleogenomics, or the study of ancient genomes, has provided novel insights into the human past but it has also become the target of multiple criticisms, one of them being the lack of integration with other disciplines studying ancient human history. This workshop aims to provide a space to discuss and put into practice an interdisciplinary framework that integrates biological and cultural data from different sources. In particular, we will provide hands-on training on paleogenomic and morphometric data to graduate students and early career researchers from Latin America. We will also discuss a framework to integrate these data aiming to reach a more comprehensive understanding of population history in Latin America, by building a space to debate the practical and ethical implications of this research.