Caroline Gatt

Grant Type

Workshop Grant

Institutional Affiliation

Karl Franzens U. of Graz

Grant number

Gr. CONF-955

Approve Date

March 28, 2024

Project Title

Gatt, caroline (Karl Franzens U. of Graz) "From the university to the pluriversity: Collaborative ethnography towards pluriversal anthropologies"

Already in the 1990s Harrison’s volume Decolonizing Anthropology raised the issue of the discipline’s participation in ongoing coloniality. However, only recently, with the #RhodesMustFall, #FeesMustFall and #BlackLivesMatter movement and a growing decolonization scholarship has this become more widely discussed in anthropology. Indeed, decolonizing the discipline has now become a crucial matter in anthropology. Despite this increased discussion, many have noted that anthropology remains a ‘defacto white public space’ (Brodkin et al 2011). In order to address ongoing ‘white-norming’, ‘othering’ and ongoing epistemic coloniality in anthropological practices, the workshop “From the university to the pluriversity” has one main aim: To ethically develop grounded analyses and proposals towards decolonizing anthropological practices in research, teaching and institution-building. Based on collaborative, respectful and appropriate approaches, the workshop will bring together anthropologists from around the world who have been developing ways of making space for subaltern knowledges within, in relation to, or as alternative to Western dominant educational contexts. The workshop will develop analyses and proposals for decolonizing anthropology. Key here is working towards the pluriversity, where different ways of knowing, and the people who bear them, are not only valued, but understood as vital to scholarship.