Bruna Potechi

Grant Type

Post PhD Research Grant

Institutional Affiliation

Federal U. of Sao Carlos

Grant number

Gr. 10661

Approve Date

April 15, 2024

Project Title

Potechi, Bruna (Federal U. of Sao Carlos) "Contesting maternity: an ethnography of documents and laws in the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies"

This research analyzes how the figure of the “mother” has become central in disputes over rights in legal texts in the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies in a context of conservative electoral gains in parliament. Based on a study of the work of deputies from antagonistic parties in the 2019-2022 legislature who became mothers in this period and were active on topics of motherhood and women’s rights, I set out to analyze how “maternity” might be disputed in legislative documents and forums in the new political term in 2023-24. The research will carry out an ethnography of congress and legislative processes, observing how legal texts are formulated, debated, negotiated, and reformulated. Thus, from the observation of the change and maintenance of terms in different legislative documents, I aim to bring forth how mother and motherhood sustain the making law in Brazilian legislative houses.