Grant Type

Workshop Grant

Institutional Affiliation

Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdi Allah, U. of

Grant number

Gr. CONF-912

Approve Date

March 8, 2023

Project Title

EZZIANI, BOUCHTA (Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdi Allah, U. of) "Issues of research ethics in anthropological researches in the Arab region: A sensitive fields and Taboo topics"

The workshop addresses the issue of ethical challenges faced by researchers in Anthropology, discussing ways to protect both the researcher and the research participants. The workshop aims to discuss how ethical challenges raised by sensitive fields and Taboo topics can be overcome by anthropologists in the Arab region. It is known that researches in the Arab region, especially in sensitive topics or with marginalized groups, face great ethical challenges, and there is a lack among most researchers in how to deal with ethical issues, which makes them not respect research ethics. The participants will discuss the most important challenges faced by Arab anthropologists, look for ways to overcome them, and publish a guide on research ethics in the Arab region dedicated to sensitive topics. The workshop will be organized in Morocco for four days, and will be attended by anthropologists and sociologists from Arab and Western universities. The participants will prepare and circulate papers prior to the workshop. During the workshop, the most important ethical challenges will be identified through the participants ‘ experiences, look for practical solutions to these challenges, the publication of the research ethics guide, and creation of a research ethics platform as outcomes of the workshop.