Bernardo Yáñez

Grant Type

Global Initiatives

Institutional Affiliation

National Inst. of Anthropology & History

Grant number

Gr. GIG-14

Approve Date

August 31, 2022

Project Title

Yáñez, Bernardo (National Inst. of Anthropology & History) "Bioanthropological Latin American Network"

Our aim is to constitute the Bioanthropological Latin American Network, with the purpose of improving the management and ethical standards for conducting bioanthropological research. Our starting point focuses on establishing ethical guidelines for the work with ancient human remains, specifically ancient DNA research, where we identify major asymmetries between and within scholars in Latin America and researchers elsewhere. We expect to lay the foundations of an interdisciplinary and transnational network dedicated to discussing the legal, ethical and interdisciplinary implications of research with ancient human remains, particularly in the field of ancient DNA, by facilitating a space for dialogue, interaction and capacity building. While the field is thriving in many aspects, disparities between core/Global North and periphery/Global South institutions and scholars have intensified, reproducing a vicious cycle where the lack of funding and training opportunities impact research done at the regional level and limit the involvement of local researchers. In addition, by being relegated to secondary positions, there are fewer opportunities for alternative voices from local researchers and communities in the research process, including ethical considerations. Our long-term aim is to reduce the disparities in the field originating from these asymmetries, moving forward to more equitable and sustainable research practices.