Anne Rapp Py-Daniel

Grant Type

Workshop Grant

Institutional Affiliation

Para, Federal U. of Western

Grant number

Gr. CONF-914

Approve Date

March 8, 2023

Project Title

Py-Daniel, Anne (Para, Federal U. of Western) "AntropocĂȘnica 2023 The Human Scenes in Amazonia: Ancestry, Territories, Crossings"

Our workshop aims to continue the international meeting Antropoc’nica, which emerged from interactions amongst Archaeology, Philosophy and Architecture in the light of the Anthropocene, promoting transdisciplinary dialogues on structural problems in many societies of the Global South. The key issues are: ancestry, territories and transatlantic colonial crossings. The workshop planned for 2023 will be held in Amazonia, and will focus on the memories of human presences in the region, inscribed in built environments and cultural landscapes. These territories were inhabited for thousands of years by indigenous communities, later by enslaved Africans descendants who arrived during the colonial period and many other riverine communities. Although memories are culturally specific to the respective ethnicities and historical processes, there are two factors that “unite” these human trajectories expressed in Amazonian landscapes: the violence of slavery and the violence of the economic exploitation of natural resources and other predatory activities that impact ancestral territories, threatening traditional ways of life which contribute to the very preservation of the Amazonia. The workshop will foster multivocality with indigenous, Afro-descendants, scholars and artists to ponder on the Anthropocene born from the remains of past experiences of different cultures to the contemporary human presence in the Amazonia of today.