Anna Kurowicka

Grant Type

Engaged Research Grant

Institutional Affiliation

Brazil, U. Federal do, Pernambuco

Grant number

Gr. ERG-35

Approve Date

February 2, 2023

Project Title

Kurowicka, Anna (Brazil, FU Pernambuco) "Interethnic Relations and Ethnography of Territorialization Processes among the Pataxó from the Barra Velha indigenous land. Engaged Anthropology Project"

The study aims to address the impact of the Brazilian government’s current policies concerning indigenous peoples in the Patax’ Barra Velha territory. Barra Velha is located in the south of the state of Bahia, and like the majority of indigenous territories in Brazil at this time, has been suffering serious threats to its integrity and continuity. This reality has generated new debates, resistance and forms of action among the Patax’, as well as the need for new approaches in order to understand this situation from an anthropological angle. This project is to carry out detailed research on the territory of Barra Velha, from the perspective of the Patax’ themselves about their history and their right to land. The work to be developed relies on the Patax”s collaboration with the researcher, through the creation of a Territory Observatory. The activities of this observatory will aim to collect various types of information: narratives about the territory, aerial images of the invasions, etc. The research and collaborative action will function as complementary work, aiming at a better knowledge of the Barra Velha indigenous land. The information obtained in this way can be used by the Patax’ in the defence of their territorial rights.