Call for Applications: Residential Fellowships for senior and early-career scholars in the humanities and social sciences in the academic year 2023-24

The Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study is announcing a call of applications! Application deadline is July 1, 2022.

The General Fellowship Programme – For this programme, candidates may come from any discipline within the humanities and social sciences.

The Barbro Klein Fellowship Programme – This fellowship is open to scholars from across disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, with an emphasis on research on cultural and social diversity, cultural heritage and creativity, societal structures and public resistance, in local and global perspective.

The Global Horizons Fellowship Programme – This programme is open to scholars engaged in research in the field of global governance in the thematic areas of Global Knowledge Cultures and Regimes; Global Political Predicaments; and Global Futures.

The eligibility criteria differ between programmes, and between senior/early-career positions.
For full details about the programmes, the eligibility criteria and how to apply, please see: