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  1. The success rate for the International Collaborative Research Grant is approximately 15-20 percent. Given the degree of competition the Foundation advises applicants to follow closely all the procedures for completing the application.
  2. Applications must be submitted on the most recent official application form. Application forms and guidelines for completing these forms are available three months before each application deadline.
  3. The Foundation operates an online application submission procedure. All applications and other materials must be submitted online. If it is not possible to submit your application online because of inadequate internet access in your country of origin, you must notify the Foundation at least one week before the deadline to arrange to submit an application by conventional mail (
  4. In addition to the online submission, applicants must send one (1) printed copy of the application form and attachments, PLUS four (4) additional copies of the application form only, to the Foundation.  This material must be postmarked by the application deadline (and received by the Foundation no later than two weeks after the deadline) or your application will not be reviewed.
  5. Application can only be made within three months of the application deadline.
  6. Applications must be in English.
  7. Applicant and Co-Applicant must be based in different countries.
  8. Students are not eligible Applicants or Co-Applicants.
  9. The International Collaborative Research Grant application asks for the following categories of information:
    • An Abstract of your proposed research. If your application is successful, this abstract will appear on the Foundation's website. Please make sure your abstract is written in a style that is clearly understandable to a non-specialist
  10. Please note that research permits and/or special visas are not required at the application stage. If an application is successful, the Foundation will request copies of the relevant permits. Grant funds will not be released to a grantee until the Foundation has received copies of all relevant permits.

    Please list the permit(s) required for the proposed project and the estimated date(s) by which you expect to secure them. Your knowledge of the permits required for your project will help demonstrate your awareness of feasibility and ethics issues for your research, as well as your preparedness to begin. Depending on the project, examples of permits can include research visas, approvals or exemptions from Internal Review Boards and/or Ethics Committees, Human Subjects Approvals, Animal Care and Use approvals, government clearances, excavation permits, letters of affiliation, and permissions from the local scientific, academic, museum, institutional or tribal authorities involved in oversight of your research area. Please do not contact the Foundation to ask which permits you need: instead consult with your contacts and/or advisors.

  11. Before submitting your grant application, please read the information on US tax issues applicable to all grantees click here for more information.
  12. Non-US Citizens should read the information on Non-US Citizens who are present or coming to the United States as part of their research project click here for more information.
  13. Successful applicants are required to comply with all US laws. This includes, but is not limited to, regulations governed by the US Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC). OFAC administers US Government sanction programs and regulations pertaining to the Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN List). Please consult the US Department Treasury website for more information on US Government sanction programs and the SDN List at

    Special documentation is required for research projects located in the following countries where US Government sanctions are in place: Cuba, Iran, Burma (Myanmar), North Korea, Sudan and Syria. This documentation is not required at the stage of application, but must be submitted to the Foundation before grant funds are disbursed to successful applicants. (click here for more information)

  14. Do not send any other materials, such as letters of recommendation, computer disks, manuscripts, publications, photographs, or recordings to the Foundation in support of your application. This material will not be used in the review process and cannot be returned.

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